Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Tenants Supermen Watch Newport County Get Promoted!

As you may have seen in a recent blog, The Tenants Supermen have recorded a song called "Come On The County" for their beloved Newport County F.C. On the 15th of March they witnessed the County win against Havant and get promoted. Here are the boys celebrating with a massive pitch invasion at Spytty Park behind them:Here's the team and managers making some lovely speeches. Grayham witnessed a young boy puking up with excitement as his father patted his back with joy.
The booze was flowing freely as the team entered Bar Amber, the best place to get drunk after some football.
Here's the boys with Gandee and Billy Webb celebrating with some new commemorative scarfs:
Then it all went a bit weird and the boys had to go back to their bat-cave equivalent.
Here's Lloyd, he would've loved the pitch invasion (check the film below) but he wasn't there.
"Come on the county, we're going up!!"

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