Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Tenants Supermen Record Drums For Their New Album.

It was time for The Tenants Supermen to return to the wonderful Junkyard Studios to record some drums for tracks on their new album "Broke Britain". Here's Steve laying down some lovely beats. The Supermen had nominated four songs for live drums; "Superdruggy", "Take Off", "Tenants Smooth" and "I Love Dr Who". Steve rocked and nailed the tracks like a hammer to a...uh...nail.
Adam got so excited that a small amount of wee came out of his penis and wet his jeans. What a shame.
No one cared though because Jamie, who was also producing the drums, had a great David Bowie t-shirt on. If you have a jazz and stare at it you'll swear it's singing to you.

We didn't have a jazz but when you're in a band it is a necessity to smoke fags, primarily rollies. Here's Supermen Macauly Crackpipe and Alex enjoying such pleasures.
Junkyard Studios has a fine selection of art. Here's Crackpipe deciding which one he likes best.
The drums for all four tracks were finished incredibly quickly and Jamie and Steve asked the Supermen if they'd lay down some vocals on a track called "You Fucking Punks". Adam said he had been working on his 'Axel Rose voice'. What followed no man nor beast could have predicted. Look at the passion:
Grayham decided to stick to some fairly straight forward singing and rapping since his eyeballs were bleeding from the joyous noise Adam had made. And so another fantastic adventure came to a close.
Here's Lloyd Ganja. If you have a t-shirt printing kit why not use this picture and make a nice Lloyd T-Shirt. He'd hate that.
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