Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Tenants Supermen Record A Song For Newport County F.C.

The Tenants Supermen went to Junkyard Studios in Newport to record a song for Newport County. Here are Steve and Jeff who produced it. They are wicked:
After Adam read the newspaper for a while he had fifteen pisses in twenty minutes and found a luxury canned pop dispenser which he thought would look lovely in his bedroom:
Time for work and our good friend Mike from the great band Dirty Goods helped us out on drums:
We made an in depth plan of the set up of the song and Adam committed it to memory.
The Tenants Supermen's guitarist Macauly Crackpipe laid down some badasss guitar:
Then it was time for Adam to lay down his rap. He had a mouthful of spit which made it awkward:
Then it was Grayham's turn. He has been trying and failing to out-do Adam's hats for years:
Mr Crackpipe and Steve were amazed at the lyrical dexterity of the Supermen and also the amount of takes it took to get it right:

Then it was time for some exciting lyrical sparring, there was spit everywhere:
Alex who has been producing the next Tenants album "Broke Britain" came down to play the bass:
The song is called "Come On The County" and we had to keep a chorus from an old seventies record. Our updated version is rocking and we added some crowd noise ourselves. Studio trickery is amazing:
Then, the night shift came in. This is Jamie he mixed the track. What a lovely fella:
Just before we left Adam said goodbye to his beloved can machine, he was gutted he hadn't seen a can drop out of it and couldn't fit it in his coat:
I met Jamie and Steve in a car park at midnight to pick up the tune. We love it and we hope everybody else does. Watch this space, the Tenants Supermen facebook and www.tenantssupermen.com.
Here's a picture of Lloyd Ganja, he had nothing to do with the recording and this picture was taken years ago, but he hates it when we put his photo on things:
Stay tuned Superpeople!!

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